Designed by Menage Interiors and built by Ascent Contracting

Designed by Menage Interiors and built by Ascent Contracting

Designed by Menage Interiors and built by Ascent Contracting

Designed by Menage Interiors and built by Ascent Contracting



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  1. Tony Miller says:

    If you want to add a basement apartment to your property, my Ottawa Sun article is a must read. Many thanks to my friend Simone Chechim Hopkins for her contribution and congrats on your success!

  2. Cameron Watt says:

    I received Dan at Ascent Contracting’s name from a friend. Dan came by immediately to have a look at my requirements and let me know what was possible. He also had some great suggestions as to how the work could be done. I wanted to do a bunch of the work myself so Dan tailored the quote taking into account my expectations and itemizing his requirements. All the workers were on time, pleasant and best of all extremely skilled and professional!!! The work took less time and money than any of my other estimates and best of all I couldn’t ask for a better result. We saved thousands. HVAC, electrical, tiling, hardwood patching, drywall and stone fireplace were all contracted through Ascent. My house looks brand new, like a showhome, and is now more functional and open. We usually move every four years but it looks like we’ll be sticking around for a while (and maybe tackle the master bath to boot!!). Thanks to Dan and all the lads at Ascent!!

  3. Mile Komlen says:

    Whenever I need professional work done, I know I can count on Ascent Contracting to assess the project and deliver the highest quality outcome at a fair price. Dan and his crew have worked on several of my properties so far, including a complete renovation of a condo in downtown Toronto, a residential duplex in Hamilton, and a commercial space that was ultimately turned into an independent coffee shop. Dan is very professional and is an expert at managing complex projects. He oversees the project from start to finish and helps identify any obstacles at every step. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ascent Contracting and I would highly recommend them for a truly professional and pleasurable construction experience.

  4. Alex Griller says:

    Dan and his crew at Ascent literally transformed our 1960’s house this summer. We are thrilled with the results.

    It was a major renovation. He moved interior walls, ripped out and renovated two bathrooms and the kitchen, installed heated marble and hardwood floors everywhere, changed all the moldings and the interior doors, removed old popcorn ceilings to install flat plaster ones, changed lighting systems etc. Everyone says the house looks brand new. It is gorgeous.

    Dan and all his crew members were careful, talented, and hard working. My husband had seen Dan installing a front porch and he stopped on the street to ask for his card. When we were ready to renovate, we called him. He gave us several references and everyone spoke very highly of their renovation experience with him.

    We lived in the house throughout the renovation. We had a seamless and relatively stress free experience, although we would not want to do it again too soon! We found Dan extremely fair and honest. For instance, when he ripped up the old floors, we found insufficient supports – you could look right through the flooring and see the garden path underneath. Dan could have just ignored the problem, but he showed us the issue, strengthened the floors, installed new sub floors etc all for a completely reasonable additional cost. We never felt in any way ripped off when we encountered elements that required additional work or materials, or if we changed our minds about something.

    The team turned up regularly, cleaned up at the end of every day, and worked hard throughout the day. Dan was always patient and ready to discuss our design ideas with us. His own ideas are also imaginative and excellent. He put us in touch with the best quality suppliers of goods and services at really good prices. His business network is amazing. In fact, at the end of our project, we hired one of his colleagues to redo all our landscaping.

    We would very highly and unreservedly recommend Ascent.

    Alex and David Griller
    Alta Vista

  5. Anna T. says:

    125 years old historical stone church – Middleville, ON

    Ascent Contracting goes well beyond the call of duty when taking on a job. My 125 year old stone church was the perfect example. When one meets Dan Hopkins you know you have met a person with enthusiasm and vision. His passion for life is reflected in the energy he injects in to the project. I’m grateful to Dan and his crew for the fine work they did on my special building. I placed total trust in him and knew my sanctuary was in good hands. I would not hesitate to get him involved with future renovations, and highly recommend his craftsmanship.

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